Saturday, August 8, 2009

I was so homesick after we moved to Vegas I just had to come home in June to see everyone. On our trip Demi got her first pony tail and got to meet her cousins.


Ashley Rae said...

I'm so glad you're updating your blog. I love seeing all the pictures! Demi is so adorable. Congrats to Benny for graduating. Are you guys liking Las Vegas??

We need to take a trip over there and come visit you. But probably when it isn't 100 degrees over there. Haha

Remember when we went and it was like 115? ... LOL

Sharee and Court said...

I am so glad you updated! it's fun to see all the pics!

It was so good to see you guys last weekend! Hopefully we will see you again soon, though prob not til Christmas time. So, let me know when you are coming for Christmas and we will plan our friend party for when you are in town. On a night or afternoon when you are free.

Beard Family said...

Hey! Curtis had fun talking to you last night. (He told me you mentioned your blog so I set out to find it)! We're excited to get together. Your little girl is so cute!

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